Fall playbook

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

I’ve been AWOL lately from this blog, consumed in September and October by work deadlines, swim lessons, a wedding anniversary, illness, visits from the tooth fairy, flu shots, field trips, kids’ birthdays – in other words, daily life. Cooking, writing and photographing all take time, a commodity in short supply around our house these days.

But we still have to eat.  Like switching out clothes, when the seasons change I switch out meals in our dinner rotation.  When the weather turns cooler, my mind turns to slow cooking, roasting, braising and baking; and warming comfort foods with lots of spices.

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Market researcher that I am, a study about home cooking snagged my attention the other day.  Findings from a survey of American households conducted by Bosch, a kitchen appliance manufacturer, highlighted many reasons why people don’t cook:  28% of respondents don’t know how, 25% didn’t want to clean up the mess, 21% said they didn’t have the time. Two-thirds indicated that grocery shopping takes the most time out of all household tasks.  (I could have told you that!)

After I posted this study link on Twitter, I tweeted:  As a working parent, I can understand these reasons for not cooking.  Still, I try.  It’s cheaper, healthier + better quality at home
One of my friends replied: If I have a clean kitchen, all the ingredients & the time; I love to cook.  If any of the 3 are missing, not so much.

My response:  Yeah, I agree, but how often do you get all 3?  Sometimes 2 of 3 will have to do. Most of time during wk it’s 2/3 or 1/3 for us.  

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