Minnesota Food Bloggers in 2011

Photo credit:  Joy Estelle Summers
Had you told me at this time last year that in 2011 I would:
-spend much of the year behind a camera snapping food photos,
-have the chance to meet local chefs and cookbook authors whom I admired,
-do a cooking demonstration at the Minneapolis Farmers Market,
-be recognized as a Blog of the Month by Jamie Oliver,
And most importantly,
-make dozens of new friends in 2011, super cool people who were as crazy about food as me,
Well…I’m not sure I would have believed it.
But that is exactly what happened this year.  Many of these opportunities came about via a local networking group called Minnesota Food Bloggers, which was started by uber-talented blogger Stephanie Meyer. Continue reading

MN Food Bloggers at 128 Cafe – Part 2, the people

What happens when you gather a bunch of food lovers together?  Lots of eating, drinking and general merriment, of course!  
Passion about food permeated the Minnesota Food Bloggers event held at the 128 Cafe in St.Paul on Monday night, which was attended by local food writers, food purveyors, PR folks and general foodies.  So many fascinating people to meet and so much excellent food to eat! It was very energizing.

Trying to eat, drink, talk and take photographs all at the same time proved to be a bit of a challenge,  and I regret I didn’t get to a chance to chat with everyone.

I did meet many new people such as Jill from Teach Kids to Cook, Brett from Renewing the Countryside, and Joy Estelle of Eating the Minneapple plus several of the people pictured below.  I also had the opportunity to meet some people for the first time whose work I admire, like Crystal of Cafe Cyan, Kate from Fork, Knife and Spoon, and Daniel from Perennial Plate.

Some photos from the event (if you attended yourself, let me know who some of the people are that I didn’t label and I can add links to their sites). 

Dania of Twin Cities Foodie , Annie of Yelp MSP , and event organizer Steph of Fresh Tart
Crystal of Cafe Cyan and Dave of Twin Cities Food Finds
Shaina of Food for My Family, Kate of Kate in the Kitchen and Angela of Angela’s Kitchen
Daniel of Perennial Plate and Debbie of Sapsucker Farms

Brenda of A Farmgirl Dabbles and Kelli of I Had a Delicious Time
Mario, Martha of Martha and Tom and Kate of Fork, Knife and Spoon

 David of I Had a Delicious Time and Virginia of Roots and Zest

Joel of  Joel’s Views and Sociability and Jen of She Said.She Said.
Tom of Martha and Tom , Lynne and Keith of Eat.Drink.Life.Love.
The food blogging community in the Twin Cities totally rocks!  Hopefully, this will be the first of many such events.

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