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Who am I, and why am I talking to you?

HeadshotHello! My name is Amy P. and I live with my husband and two young kids in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I love to eat food, cook food, and talk about food.  My stomach rules my daily decision-making more than I care to admit.

Our family is figuring out as we go how to “walk the talk” and prepare less meat-based & processed meals and more local, seasonal, sustainable whole foods from scratch.

Some more details about me:

I am a mom with two young kids who works outside the home.  This means I have limited time to cook. But eating well is a priority for my family, and I do what I can to eat as well as we can, given our budget and time constraints. I’m continually working on shifting our family’s eating habits onto a healthier path.

I am concerned about the food we eat.  Food is something that everyone deals with multiple times a day, every day. We make hundreds of decisions about what to eat. And what exactly should we eat – How is it produced (locally, organically, humanely, other -lys)? What nutrients does it contain? Will it help me or hurt me? When you start actually paying attention to your food, the questions go on and on.  I write about trying to sort out all of the conflicting information about food, and I try to share links to other things I’ve read on the subject, so you can learn along with me.

I am a self-taught home cook who has learned through trial and error. Unlike many other bloggers, I didn’t grow up with many established family food traditions. Both of my parents worked full-time, and home cooking wasn’t emphasized in our house.  I didn’t have much interest in cooking until I was living on my own as an adult and having to feed myself. I discovered that I love food!  And I love being able to make good food for myself and my family.

I am a former vegetable hater. Growing up, about the only vegetables I ate were corn and potatoes. It wasn’t until college that I started branching out and trying new vegetables.  I’m here to say, just like we do with kids, you can coach yourself to broaden your palate.

I am a pragmatic locavore who is learning to eat seasonally.  With Minnesota’s short growing season, eating 100% local is not realistic for me.  There are tons of reasons to shop local, but the #1 reason for me is taste.  I want the freshest, most vibrant, flavorful food and I think local food tastes best, so I try to eat it as much as possible when it’s in season here.

I am a die-hard food and wine lover who is constantly hunting for the best meals and ingredients around and loves going on crazy foodie sprees.  I’ll bring you along for the ride.  From my quixotic ingredient searches, I can tell you where to find the food (at least in the Twin Cities) and kitchen tools to make the projects happen.

Photographing food

I am an information junkie who loves to seek out and share information with others, especially when it concerns food, health and wellness.  I’m curious and always want to learn more.  What I learn, I want to share with you.

Maybe you are one of the above, or all of the above.  Maybe you too are trying to make these types of changes in your life.  How does a person shift their food and lifestyle habits onto a healthier path while living a busy life? Join us as we try to figure it out.

You can contact me via email at:   aimwold at gmail dot com

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