Friday’s Food for Thought – Jan. 27

Every week, I read tons of news, primarily related to food, health, wellness and sustainability. On any given day, you’ll find me sharing links to relevant news stories and recipes on Twitter and sometimes on Green Your Plate’s Facebook page.

Here are some of the items that caught my eye in the Internet sphere over the past week:

  • People are chirping about McDonald’s failed social media campaign on Twitter.  What happened?  The fast food giant promoted a sponsored tweet asking people to share their “#McDStories” and people proceeded to share all sorts of unflattering responses, including gross things found in their food, throwing up after eating there and chowing down at McDonalds while high.
  • After all of the “pizza is a vegetable” brouhaha this fall, Michelle Obama announced on Wednesday the updated USDA guidelines for school lunch, the first formal changes to the federal school lunch program in over 15 years.  What’s going to be on the lunch tray? More fruits and vegetables, more whole grains, lower fat dairy, no trans-fats.  Sounds like a win to me!
  • Slow Food USA has been under recent criticism about the evolution of its activities away from preserving food traditions and towards food policy work.  This week, organization president Josh Viertel discussed the soul of the Slow Food movement and argues that the organization must advocate on behalf of both farmers and eaters
  • Wondering how you can help your kids school become a healthier place?  One action you can take is to start a health & wellness committee at your child’s school
  • Still not meeting the 5-a-day recommended servings of fruits and vegetables?  Check out 10 easy ways to eat more vegetables every day
  • NY Times wine critic Eric Asimov defends natural wines
  • Portion distortion, an interesting infographic about the growth of American food portions
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