Friday’s Food for Thought – Jan. 20

Every week, I read tons of news, primarily related to food, health, wellness and sustainability. On any given day, you’ll find me sharing links to relevant news stories and recipes on Twitter and sometimes on Green Your Plate’s Facebook page.

Here are some of the items that caught my eye in the Internet sphere over the past week:

And, sometimes you can go too far asking “is it local?”

Happy weekend, everyone!

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6 thoughts on “Friday’s Food for Thought – Jan. 20

  1. What a nice round-up! The Paula Deen stuff nearly sent me over the edge this week. I’m already so frustrated about the diabetes industry’s focus on drugs over food. (Hmmm. . . which is more profitable?) My husband has type 1, so insulin is an essential part of his life. But food is still hugely important, and sadly often ignored in diabetes research/education.

    • Thanks Angie. I’m absurdly fascinated by the whole Paula Deen story. Prevention is so much cheaper than treatment after the fact; I wish that Paula Deen had at least acknowledged that her diet may have contributed to her condition.

  2. I just watched Portlandia for the first time last night! Loved the Is It Local scene! Thanks for linking to our eating seasonally in winter post – the rest of your roundup looks great, especially the seasonal recipe & vegetarian options link!

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