Blood orange mojitos

Maybe it’s from watching a lot of Dexter lately, but I’ve been hankering for blood oranges.

Blood oranges are in season right now. Haven’t tried them yet? You should. Their tart, sweet taste and gorgeous reddish-tinged flesh speak of lushness, abundance and possibility.

This orange variety’s unique appearance stems from anthocyanins, a natural pigment that exists in red and purple fruits but is uncommon in citrus fruits. The color of the flesh can vary from one orange to another, from a pinkish tinge through to a purplish-black.

The flavor of the blood orange is often described as sweet and tart with a touch of raspberry. Brimming with vitamin C and antioxidants, this unusual beauty is a sweet treat.

Feeling blue from the continued onslaught of snow last weekend, I felt compelled to use these fruits to make blood orange mojitos. If you can’t afford to literally escape the bleak winter, you can at least have this tropical sunset in your glass.

One mojito contains the juice of a whole blood orange plus the juice of a whole lime. Congratulations, nobody in your household will develop scurvy tonight! At least none of those who are of legal drinking age.

Blood Orange Mojito
Makes one drink

1 lime
1 T. sugar
About 10 fresh mint leaves, torn up
1 blood orange
2 oz. light rum
Seltzer or club soda

Squeeze lime juice into glass, add sugar and mint leaves, then muddle the mixture, crushing the mint on the sides of the glass to release the flavor. Squeeze blood orange juice into glass, add rum and fill most of the glass with ice, then top off with seltzer or club soda.

Crank up the heat in your house, drink this cocktail and be transported someplace else.

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5 thoughts on “Blood orange mojitos

  1. I know what you mean about this weather making you blue! I've been drowning it in hot tea toddies lately but this looks a lot more festive

  2. Fruitnut, these were Moro oranges; each one that I cut open had a different appearance. I love the video! Thanks for sharing.

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