The bittersweet final days of summer

When I woke up this morning, I could feel a slight chill in the air. The sunlight feels weaker, and lately I’ve been noticing that it’s dark outside when I wake up. The days are definitely getting shorter. The descent into autumn has begun.

What happened to our summer?? In some ways, it feels like we’ve had an extended spring rather than a summer this year.

After a grueling winter, spring came and all seemed pleasant for a while; day after day after day of sunny skies. It was easy not to notice how cool the days were at first.

But then the sunny days continued, and out in the yard, I started to see the effects of the lack of rain. It was a dry, dry, dry spring and early summer. My tomato plants seem to have gone into shock early in the season with the cold snaps we had and didn’t end up producing much fruit.

Finally, in the past week, we’ve gotten a ton of rain and even a little weird tornado activity. (A twister in downtown Minneapolis, anyone? Who would have thought…)

And still, no true dog days of summer for us this year. Maybe it’s a blessing, I don’t know. It sounds like other parts of the country have had extended heat waves.

All I do know is that I want to savor these final summer days and enjoy cooking and eating all of the amazing foods available at this time of year (like the beet ice cream and tomato watermelon gazpacho from Chef Shack, pictured above).

We’ll be singing a different tune here in January. 70 degree days will seem like heaven.

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